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Stephen Wright-Green

This is My Story

My love affair with the arts evolved during my teenage years when I started collecting ceramics. My initial interest in Antiques quickly evolved into developing a wide knowledge of design through the ages and eventually a desire to explore my own artistic talents.

My inspiration comes from a deep love of the sea and the natural world and in my designs I want to capture time, a memory.  Each one of my pieces is designed and handcrafted from start to finish, using traditional techniques from my home workshop in Madrid. The result is an intimate collection of personal jewellery designed to tell a story.

I enjoy experimenting with different materials; sea glass lovingly collected by family or friends during a holiday; carefully chosen stones that I believe choose me; copper, which I love for its warmth and versatility whether at the heart of a chunky Moroccan necklace or infused in an elegant silver piece.


“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might”, Ecclesiastes 9:10